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Mavericks Surf Ventures vs. Peter Mel/Grant Washburn/New Mavericks Group: Who You Got?

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I’ve been wanting to publish this story for some time now but didn’t want to get my sources in trouble, since everyone would know who my sources were the moment I wrote the story. Now that the Half Moon Bay Review is publishing a report on a new group who is interested in running a surf contest at famed Mavericks, it’s time to let the flood gates open and allow the public to decide for themselves who should be the winner in this Battle Royale.

Would You Drive This Car?

Woody 1.JPG

General Motors is hitting overdrive on their marketing campaign for the soon-to-be-released Chevy Spark, GM's answer to the Mini Cooper. The new Chevy Spark Woody, which is wrapped in wood-colored vinyl, is part of GM's attempt to connect with the youth culture. The specially-designed model of the Chevy Spark was introduced on the southern coast of Great Britain at the annual Boardmasters surf, skate and music festival in Newquay, England, with a surfboard attached to the car's roof.

X Games Flasher Steals the Show. Wait, the X Games Were On?

X Games Flasher.jpg

Seriously, does anyone watch the X Games anymore? The event’s been in HelLA ten years too long, yet the idiots who run this campaign think that holding the event in SoCal year after year is the way to go. Never mind that the X Games generated massive publicity when they changed cities every two years. To top things off the organizers fail to take advantage of a key SoCal advantage: Surf. They haven’t had a surf contest for a few years now. Combined with a lack of dramatics and heavy corporate influence, either we’re getting too old for this sh!t or the X Games need a major makeover. The one highlight came from the stands, when a betty decided to flash her fellow X Games spectators. One particular boy was very pleased by the spectacle.

Tarp Surfing, the Perfect Cure for the Summer Doldrums

Tarp Surfing.jpg

The folks over at Ruse Entertainment created this hilarious and savvy video introducing the newest way to roll: Tarp Surfing. Santa Cruz surfers Homer Henard and Nic Lamb, with special assistance from Omar Etcheverry, show the world how to Tarp Surf with style. The perfect way to get barreled during the summer doldrums, when surf is either too small, blown out, or just pure crap.

International Surfing Day

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Note: This story is a special contribution from Nugable.  Go to his website for hilarious, insightful and honest surfing revelations.

International Surfing Day came and went like a dream that is forgotten after a second cup of coffee. The day proceeding the first day of summer was not exactly memorable, although the water was warm. Warm like a lightly toasted hot dog bun on Independence Day. Or a sweaty pair of September thighs. The June gloom hung around like a hobo smoking a hand-rolled cigarette, waiting for a train going Anywhere But Here.

Action Sports Web Traffic Report

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Each week Whenever we get around to it we here at T.E.S. will provide you with a look at the web traffic numbers* for most of the action sports industry’s websites (huge changes since our last report, including unprecedented traffic increases for Go211 and GrindTV, and expected drops in snowboarding sites due to seasonal change). If we missed a site, please leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to include it in the following week’s report. The numbers are based on daily unique visitors to each site, taken from a monthly average. The number in parentheses represents a change from the previous week. Websites are listed in order from highest amount of visitors to least amount of visitors.

A Surfer’s Guide to the World Cup and Beyond


Note: This story is a special contribution from Nugable.  Go to his website for hilarious, insightful and honest surfing revelations.

The online surfing world has been stagnant lately. Well, that’s not completely true. Surfline posted its 47th “How Good Was California This Week?” photo gallery this month. I did enjoy that. Kurungabaa posted the complete works of Dostoyevsky (in Russian). Transworld, (God bless them) ran a Vimeo video of something. And Boardistan (perhaps my personal favorite) kept a tidy tally on its Google news alert with the keywords “Surf, Skate and Snow.” Copy and paste carpel tunnel is no laughing matter gentlemen.

…and so it goes.

Huntington Beach High Wins NSL High School Cup National Title

HB High trophy.JPG

The best high school surf teams in the nation gathered this past weekend at Upper Trestles for the 5th annual National Surf League (NSL) High School Cup National Championship featuring the “Game” format.  With a new south swell delivering 3-4 foot sets all day and glassy conditions, the Huntington Beach High Oilers took home their first ever NSL High School Cup national title by out dueling the San Dieguito Academy Mustangs in a display of some of the most progressive and innovative surfing ever seen in amateur competition as judged by a highly qualified judging crew of professional surfers.

Surfing Through the Oily Gulf Muck

Sterling Spencer Tar Balls.jpg

Sooner or later, the massive amount of oil leaking from BP’s oil well in the Gulf of Mexico was going to cross paths with surfers. Two different video accounts show graphic descriptions and first-hand accounts of the tar balls hitting Florida’s Pensacola Beach area of the Gulf Coast.

Stephen Colbert, Defender of All Things Wakeboarding

Stephen Colbert Wakeboarding.jpg

Within every tragic story exists a silver lining. In the case of the recent Nashville, TN floods, the silver lining came from an individual who decided to use the flooded city streets for a wakeboarding session. Political satirist and comedian Stephen Colbert not only showed strong support for the wakeboarding exhibitionist, but went on to reveal a picture of himself in all his wakeboarding glory.

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New Audio Interviews

October 14th, 2010 - Edward Norton


Edward Norton, one of the greatest actors of his generation, joined Cyrus to talk about working with Robert De Niro for the second time in his new film Stone, the cultural impact of Fight Club, how he became the narrator for the surfing documentary Bustin’ Down The Door, his passion for surfing, and his favorite places to surf.

11:27 minutes (10.48 MB)

October 12th, 2010 - Johnny Knoxville & Jeff Tremaine


Johnny Knoxville & Jeff Tremaine joined Cyrus for their third interview together to talk about how their newest film Jackass 3D differs from the previous editions, how Knoxville has to insert a urinary catheter twice daily due to a MotoX accident a few years ago, and how filming on the set changed with Steve-O's sobriety.

7:43 minutes (7.07 MB)

September 3rd, 2010 - Grant Washburn Part 1

Grant Washburn.jpg

Mavericks surfing legend Grant Washburn joined Cyrus to talk about leading an effort to put a surf contest at Mavericks in the right hands.

24:33 minutes (22.47 MB)

September 3rd, 2010 - Grant Washburn Part 2

Grant Washburn.jpg

Mavericks surfing legend Grant Washburn joined Cyrus to talk about leading an effort to put a surf contest at Mavericks in the right hands.

9:59 minutes (9.14 MB)

August 18th, 2010 - Jordy Smith


The number one surfer in the world Jordy Smith joined Cyrus & Omar live from ASR 2010 to talk about his rise to the top of the ASP World Tour, how it felt to experience his first World Tour victory in his home country of South Africa, and how single life has changed since his rise to the top.

3:50 minutes (3.51 MB)

T.E.S. Revisited: Ben Harper

Ben Harper.jpg

Ben Harper joined Cyrus, Steve & Omar right after his first time snowboarding on April 20th 2006, plus talked about introducing Jack Johnson to the world, and his skating and surfing roots.

17:03 minutes (15.61 MB)
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