New On The Extreme Scene

Jeremy Lusk dies after suffering head injury in competition.

 Mulisha team rider Jeremy Lusk has passed away after suffering head and spine trauma in a weekend FMX event in San Jose, Costa Rica..

Jeremy was attempting what appeared to be a Hart Attack back flip when his rotation came up short and he fell 40+ feet to the ground and was hit and rolled by his bike. The footage is brutal and I wouldn’t recommend watching especially if you’re faint of heart.

Brett Simpson Wins RC’s Katin Pro/Am Team Challenge

The RC’s Katin Pro/Am Team Challenge presented by Jack’s, held on the North Side of Huntington Beach Pier, is a combination surf contest featuring both individual and team competitions. At the end of the day, Brett Simpson beat out fellow Hurley team rider Rob Machado to claim the $4.000 top prize, with Machado pocketing $2,000 for runner-up status.

Stand Up Paddle Surfing? Why?

I see stand up surfers standing out there in the two foot surf. This sport looks as exiciting as standing on an escalator at Macy's!!

For Love of the Ride

If she really wanted to, Joanna Dzierzawski could be competing, and doing well, at major snowboarding competitions like the Winter X Games, the U.S. Open and the Roxy Chicken Jam. Joanna utterly dominates the Lake Tahoe snowboarding competition scene. Rarely do you ever find Joanna not standing on the podium, let alone at the top of the podium with the winner's trophy.

The Birdman's Big Brother Cometh

Ah ha! So it is in the genes after all! There are probably a lot of you out there who don't know that arguably the world's greatest skateboarder, Tony Hawk, has an older brother who actually introduced The Birdman himself to a skateboard. Only, instead of being a skater, Steve Hawk holds his own on a surfboard.

In fact, just last winter, Steve rescued a surfer who was caught in a rip current and panicked, letting go of his surfboard. Hawk, paddling out on his own board, reached the victim and directed him to another beach.

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New Audio Interviews

July 24th, 2011 Part 1 - Surfing Magazing Blows

surfing mag is horse shit.jpg

Cyrus opens the show by talking about the impact of large bookstores like Borders shutting down will have on publications like Surfing Magazine.  Cyrus then went on to heavily criticize Surfing Magazine for have zero content of any worthiness.

13:55 minutes (12.74 MB)

July 24th, 2011 Part 2 - Ted Woods, Director of White Wash

White Wash.jpg

Ted Woods, director of the new surf documentary White Wash, joined Cyrus to talk about making a film that focuses on African Americans breaking stereotypical boundries in surfing, how he got Ben Harper to narrate the film, and how he thinks surf lineups can be more diversified.

12:47 minutes (11.7 MB)

July 24th, 2011 Part 3 - The End of Nike 6.0

nike 6 0.jpg

Omar joined Cyrus to present The Industry Snap, a weekly inside look at the action sports industry featuring news not found anywhere else.  Omar revealed that Nike is dropping their action sports brands 6.0 and SB, instead going with just the Nike.  Omar and Cyrus breaks down what this means for the action sports industry.  The crew wrap up the show with the week in action sports news.

16:57 minutes (15.51 MB)

July 17th, 2011 Part 1 - The Impact of WaveJet on Lineups


Cyrus opens up a discussion about the impact of WaveJet on lineups, including whether a surfboard powered by an engine so paddling isn't necessary will be accepted in the lineup, and what the repercussions of having WaveJet go mainstream could possibly have on the sport of surfing, including possible beatdowns on yuppies who spend thousands of dollars on a board

13:43 minutes (6.28 MB)

July 17th, 2011 Part 2 - T.J. Lavin

TJ Lavin.jpg

BMX superstar T.J. Lavin joined Cyrus to talk about his continued recovery from a severe injury he suffered from a BMX accident last year, his feelings on hosting MTV's The Challenge, and why he continues to compete in BMX events.

13:43 minutes (6.28 MB)

July 17th, 2011 Part 3 - The Week in Action Sports News

Chad Muska Arrested.jpeg

Cyrus breaks down the week in action sports news, including a contest to help create a new binding design for snowboards so they can detach easily in the event of an accident, the start of the Billabong Pro Jeffreys Bay, and Chad Muska's arrest earlier this week.

16:20 minutes (7.47 MB)
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