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Jeff Clark Returns to Maverick's

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After remaining silent on virtually all issues pertaining to a surf contest at Maverick's since his departure last year, The Godfather of Maverick's Jeff Clark has finally spoken. Clark said that he will be involved in the upcoming event newly named The Jay at Maverick's Big Wave Invitational.

The Zen of Surfing Prevents the Wandering Mind


I have always had a hard time accepting organized religion. Take away the wars or the judgments or the politics that goes behind religion; all that is bad enough. I simply couldn't understand how, if God does indeed exist, an infallible Deity would conjure up such elaborate messages and stories in books like the Bible and Koran that are full of fallacies. In other words, I simply cannot find peace and harmony in something that makes blanket statements and raises far too many questions without providing adequate answers. For someone who considers himself to be a critical thinker, the math simply didn't add up. Which is why I find spiritual happiness in the philosophical way of life that is Taoism.

World Miss Reef 2010 Crowned

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What would the surf industry be without an annual competition hosted by Reef showcasing some of the best bikini bodies on the planet? An empty industry for sure. Reef hosted a swimwear competition featuring models covered with the most minuscule of bikinis to kick off the annual Triple Crown of Surfing, three surf contests on the North Shore of Hawaii that culminates with the Billabong Pipeline Masters. Words cannot do this competition justice. Hence, a gallery and video showcasing the contestants of the World Miss Reef 2010. Miss Reef Panama was the big winner.  Gracious Judges included pro surfers Rob Machado, Connor Coffin and and Dean Morrison.  All photos courtesy of Paulo Dias with

The Early Show on CBS Welcomes Kelly Slater

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While Northern California awaits the greatest surfer ever (and arguably the greatest athlete ever) Kelly Slater to arrive for The Jay at Maverick's Big Wave Invitational Opening Ceremonies, the mainstream media is starting to catch on that winning an unprecedented 10th ASP World Title is a pretty big deal. Slater was on the CBS Early Show Thursday morning to discuss his amazing achievement.

Kelly Slater Cements 10th ASP World Tour Title With Perfect 10

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Kelly Slater cemented his status not just as the greatest surfer ever, but quite possibly the greatest athlete ever. Extending numerous records he currently owns, Slater won an unprecedented 10th ASP World Tour Title, in the process winning his record 45th career event by scoring a perfect 10 and defeating Bede Durbidge in the Finals of the Rip Curl Pro Search Puerto Rico.

The Jay at Maverick's Big Wave Invitational Lineup Announced

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The Jay at Maverick's Big Wave Invitational was announced this morning by the Half Moon Bay Surf Group, the new organization running a contest at Maverick's.  Of the 24 surfers invited to compete in this year's event, the biggest name to be included in the list is former Nine-Time ASP World Champion Kelly Slater, who last surfed at Maverick's in 2000 where he finished in second place.

Andy Irons RIP 1978-2010

Andy Irons.jpg

The world of competitive surfing was bracing itself for one of the greatest achievements in all of sports. In literally a matter of days, former nine-time ASP World Champion Kelly Slater can win an unprecedented 10th ASP World Title by winning two more rounds of the Rip Curl Pro Search Puerto Rico. To most surfers, Slater is the very reason why they follow surfing in the first place. A wave of positive energy was about to flow through the surfing community, ready to celebrate a historic achievement.

A letter to Brian Sabean

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I understand full well that this story has nothing to do with surfing, however in lieu of the San Francisco Gigantes defying all odds by winning the World Series, and because I was a part of their flagship radio station, KNBR 680, for nearly ten years in addition to being fan for nearly 30 years, I thought this letter to the General Manager of the Giants, Brian Sabean, to be apropos given the timing and the hangover I am currently suffering after the late hours of celebration last night.

Kelly Slater Throws His Hat in the Maverick's Ring

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A lot of talk recently surrounding a surf contest at famed big wave surf break Maverick's has centered on the removal of Keir Beidling's Mavericks Surf Ventures (MSV) from operating the Maverick's Surf Contest.  A new organization called Half Moon Bay Surf Group Inc. led by legendary Maverick's charger Grant Washburn was recently granted the single permit issued annually by the San Mateo County Harbor District to run a contest at Maverick's.  With the contest, now called The Jay at Maverick's Big Wave Invitational (The Jay), in new hands the greatest surfer ever Kelly Slater, who competed at Maverick's back in 2000 and finished in second place behind Darryl "Flea" Virostko, has announced that he intends to be at The Jay's opening ceremonies with full intention of being one of the upcoming event's competitors.

Surfers Use Trees to Escape Indonesia Tsunami


A tsunami triggered by a 7.7 magnitude earthquake off the Indonesian Island of Sumatra swept a group of Australian surfers on vacation aboard two charter surf boats into the jungles of the Mentawai Islands, a small chain of islands in the Indian Ocean known for their epic surf conditions.  Fortunately for the surfers, they were able to climb trees and seek refuge, with all the surfers reportedly surviving the tragedy in one piece.

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New Audio Interviews

May 22nd, 2011 Part 1 - Poor Judging at Billabong Pro Rio

Bad Judging.jpg

Omar makes his first appearance in-studio since the show became nationally syndicated and joins Cyrus to break down the terrible judging in the quarterfinal heat at the Billabong Pro Rio between eventual winner Adriano de Souza and Owen Wright, who was without question robbed of the heat victory.  Cyrus and Omar also talk about the decision by the Irons family to yet again delay the autopsy results of Andy Irons, and whether it is financially motivated.

13:14 minutes (6.06 MB)

May 22nd, 2011 Part 2 - Jamie Sterling

Jamie Sterling.jpg

Defending Big Wave World Tour Champion Jamie Sterling joined Cyrus and Omar to talk about what it takes to become the Big Wave World Tour Champion, how he feels every time he tackles huge waves, and solutions to problems regarding how the biggest waves are judged for awards shows.

11:35 minutes (5.3 MB)

May 22nd, 2011 Part 3 - Corey Bohan Troubles and Tony Hawk Returns

Laura Enever.jpg

Cyrus and Omar open the third segment by announcing that extremely talented and super hot surfer Laura Enever couldn't join the program because of technical difficulties (Enever will join the show when she returns to the U.S. in a couple of months for the US Open of Surfing), so the crew tackled the latest in action sports news, including issues surrounding BMX star Corey Bohan and Tony Hawk's return to competitive skateboarding.

16:54 minutes (7.73 MB)

May 15th, 2011 Part 1 - Major Announcement Regarding the Show


Cyrus is joined by longtime producer and host Dave Cesare to make a major announcement regarding the show, as the crew bids farewell and pays a fitting tribute to the end of one era, and the start of another.  Plus a discussion on a hilarious potential sponsor, and the terrible state of action sports journalism.

13:11 minutes (6.04 MB)

May 15th, 2011 Part 2 - The Angry Snowboarder

Angry Snowboarder Logo.jpg

Avran LeFeber, better known as The Angry Snowboarder, joined Cyrus and Dave to talk about how he started his popular snowboarding website, who is mainly responsible for the poor state of affairs with snowboarding publications, and whether any honest snowboarding news outlets exist.

11:33 minutes (5.29 MB)

May 15th, 2011 Part 3 - Omar Checks In and T.E.S. News


Omar checks in to give a recap of how the surf scene was in Barbados, including Kelly Slater's favorite surfing spot, and talked about starring in a national Mountain Dew commercial.  Plus Cyrus and Dave give a full recap of the week in action sports news.

17:02 minutes (7.79 MB)
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