Travis Rice Does It Again

Must admit, this looks pretty f*cking badass.

T.E.S. Revisited: Elena Hight

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Olympic snowboarder Elena Hight joined The Extreme Scene on January 5th, 2008 as Cyrus dug deep to find out about the extremely talented rider.

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The Demographics of the Action Sports Industry

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Transworld Business, a very valuable tool for the action sports industry, recently published a story detailing the demographics of the action sports industry's customers.  The numbers may surpise given the perception that youth drives the industry.

Mason Aguirre Teams Up with Nike 6.0 and the RZA

Mason Aguirre RZA.jpg

Our boy Mason Aguirre left Burton earlier this year to join Nike 6.0's snowboard team.  What better way to introduce Aguirre, who is a hip-hop afficianado, to the masses than to have a video collaboration featuring the former Olympic Snowboarder and the one and only RZA.

ASR 2010 Recap


Having been involved in the action sports industry for the better part of a decade, I have somehow managed to not once attend the industry’s largest trade show, ASR (Action Sports Retailer). With an exciting new business venture about to get underway, the time was now to attend what was once an action sports retailer expo and is now an action sports extravaganza of epic proportions.

T.E.S. Revisited: Torah Bright


Snowboarding and Roxy beauty Torah Bright joined The Extreme Scene on March 10th, 2008 to talk about how an Aussie can be the top female snowboarder in the world.

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T.E.S. News


Cyrus Saatsaz brings you the latest in action sports news for the week of March 25th.  Stories covered include Mick Fanning's racism controversy involving Stab Magazine, the fight to hold a women's longboard contest at Swami's, Shaun White and Seth Wescott are in your grocery store, the ASP World Tour is about to recommence at Bells, plus the latest update on The Extreme Scene's bid to bring the crew together to tape new shows.

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How to Still Push Yourself When Snowboarding with Slower Friends

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Whether we are out for a whole season or just one week a year, snowboarding is a sport we want to enjoy with our friends. However one big problem to overcome is always the broad range of abilities within the group. Some may cautiously glance  at a blue run whilst others are speeding down the blacks and cruising off piste. Snowboarding has a big advantage over skiing as you don’t have to be an advanced rider to mix up your style on the easy slopes .There are loads of simple tricks to learn even if you’re an intermediate rider. These will slow the ride yet keep it fun and exhilarating. Why wait around? Get the most out of each run.

Comparing Boarder Cross with Ski Cross and the Thrill it Brings to the Olympics

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Four racers start. Between one to four racers finish. The excitement of Boarder Cross and Ski Cross doesn’t let up until the finish line. Boarder cross hit the Olympics in 2006, Ski cross 2010 adding new life and competitiveness to the games.

Shaun White Could be First Olympian in 84 Years to Win Winter and Summer Gold

Shaun White Skateboarding.jpg

Famed sports writer Rick Reilly decided to do a lot research about Shaun White’s career accomplishments, comparing him to current and former great athletes like Rod Laver, Joe Namath, Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky and Tom Brady. Reilly even went so far as to say that White, “…might be the most exciting American Winter Olympics athlete we'll ever see.” Within all the fascinating statistical and historical comparisons was an interesting point brought up only by Reilly: That Shaun White could theoretically be the first Olympian since American Eddie Eagan in 1932 to win Olympic Gold Medals in both the winter and summer games.