Mantangled Monday Double Feature


Mondays suck a major banana.  To make you feel better, every Monday we here at will provide video goodies featuring people who feel worse than you do on this shitty first day of the week.  The first video features a guy who will probably never skateboard without a shirt again.

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Robberies at Gunpoint. Porn on Skate Decks. All in a Day’s Work.


The folks over at ES Footwear were on a skate tour in Lima, Peru when an armed man approached a cameraman, fired a couple of shots, and made off in a getaway car with $13,000 in camera gear.  Amazingly, the incident was caught on film, and the police are currently in hot pursuit of the suspects.

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Dyrdek, P-Rod, Sheckler and Ryan Dunn go Hollywood with Street Dreams


When athletes in the action sports industry make movies, typically it’s nothing more than footage of athletes tearing it up mixed with a killer soundtrack and some hyjinks in-between for comic relief.  Rob Dyrdek, Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Sheckler and Ryan Dunn have just taken it to a whole new level where they’re actually acting in a new Hollywood drama called Street Dreams.

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Introducing Mantangled Mondays


Monday blows.  Plain and simple.  So starting today and running every Monday will be a new special feature: Mantangled Monday, featuring some of the worst wipeouts ever caught on camera.

Today's Mantangled Monday features a skate ramp placed right in front of a fire hydrant.  You can guess the hilarity that ensues.

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The Po-Lease vs. Skateboarders


The city of Poway, CA, in a very Orwellian-fashioned decision, voted in favor of implementing a $50,000 security system where skateboarders will have to register and be fingerprinted to use the city’s skatepark.

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Architecture Website Lists 10 Amazing Skateparks Around the World

black pearl.jpg

Web Urbanist, a website dedicated to architecture and alternative art, created a list of 10 amazing skateparks from around the world (half the skateparks listed are right here in the U.S. of old A).  It's actually a really sweet list, filled with detailed information on each park and plenty of photo goodness.  Web Urbanist's 10 amazing skateparks around the world are:

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Mike Mo Capaldi Wins Battle at the Berrics, Steve Berra Rips on Walt Disney X Games


The Berrics is a skate website and warehouse collaboration by Steve Berra and Eric Koston that ditches the park and focuses entirely on flatland skating.  It's gained tremendous popularity that's culminated with the Battle at the Berrics, a skate contest similar to H-O-R-S-E in basketball where skaters have to replicate the other's trick.  If they fail, they get a letter.  If it spells S-K-A-T-E, you lose.

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Mountain Dew Tour Eliminates Baltimore and Cleveland Stops, Adds Boston and Chicago


As if this trainwreck of a tour better known as the Mountain Dew Tour couldn't get any worse, now comes word that the Mountain Dew Tour's first stop, held annually in Bucky Lasek's hometown of Baltimore, along with the stop in Cleveland is being replaced with single-sport skate and BMX events in Boston and Chicago.

The Shoe Fits Shaun White's Crime

Shoe 2.jpg

The Smoking Gun, infamous for posting police reports on celebrity crimes, recently had a contest asking viewers to guess which celebrity wore a sneaker tied to a crime.  While Chris Brown (the man who beat the shit out of Rihanna) was the leading vote-getter, the correct choice was actually none other than snowboarding and skateboarding megastar Shaun White.

Is This Movie For Real?

Hard Ticket.jpg

I need to update the queue on my netflix account.

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