A Lot of Skateboarders in the News for A Lot of Wrong Reasons

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A lot of current or former professional skateboarders were in the news this week, and not for the right reasons.  Reports all had to do with either major problems or personal issues.  To recount the happenings:

Ryan Sheckler Smokes the Ganja

Sheckler Volcano.jpg

Ryan Sheckler, known both for being one of the greatest skateboarders ever and also for being somewhat cheesedick after his MTV reality series Life of Ryan (or whatever it was called), is catching some heat after posting a picture of himself on Twatter showing off some new Red Bull hat.  Problem with the picture was that in the background there was a Volcano (for you non-stoners out there, a Volcano is a type of vaporizer used for inhaling marijuana in a somewhat healthy fashion).  Sheckler tried to take the picture down, but not before other websites saved a copy.  Sheckler's lawyers are now attempting to try and remove the picture from all websites.  Let me know how that goes.  Welcome to the internet Ryan!

Tarp Surfing Hits the Mainstream

Tandem Tarp Surfing.jpg

It started as a YouTube comedy sketch introducing the masses to a skateboarding exhibition known as Tarp Surfing. Aimed with the simple purpose of garnering a few laughs from their friends, the video starring local Santa Cruz surfers Omar Etcheverry, Homer Henard and Maverick's alternate Nic Lamb went viral, garnering over 2.5 million views and receiving a nomination for a People's Choice award for Favorite Viral Video Star.

The Demographics of the Action Sports Industry

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Transworld Business, a very valuable tool for the action sports industry, recently published a story detailing the demographics of the action sports industry's customers.  The numbers may surpise given the perception that youth drives the industry.

A Tale of Two Skateboarders

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One skateboarder helped possibly avert holy war this past weekend, while another skateboarder’s moral compass was perilously off. As such, we have a tale of two skateboarders, one who is being hailed as a hero of sorts for preventing religious conflict, while another is facing serious jail time for allegedly committing multiple felonies, including scamming the government out of $15,000 in workers’ compensation.

This is How You Win Converts

Skateboarding Priest.jpg

A Hungarian Catholic priest has got the marketing strategy down for recruiting young people into the Church. Using an amazing display of skateboarding skills, Father Zoltan Lendavi dazzled a young crowd with his surprising abilities. The 45 year-old Father Lendavi, who learned as a teenager how to skateboard, thinks he can use skateboarding to help spread the word.

ASR 2010 Recap


Having been involved in the action sports industry for the better part of a decade, I have somehow managed to not once attend the industry’s largest trade show, ASR (Action Sports Retailer). With an exciting new business venture about to get underway, the time was now to attend what was once an action sports retailer expo and is now an action sports extravaganza of epic proportions.

X Games Flasher Steals the Show. Wait, the X Games Were On?

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Seriously, does anyone watch the X Games anymore? The event’s been in HelLA ten years too long, yet the idiots who run this campaign think that holding the event in SoCal year after year is the way to go. Never mind that the X Games generated massive publicity when they changed cities every two years. To top things off the organizers fail to take advantage of a key SoCal advantage: Surf. They haven’t had a surf contest for a few years now. Combined with a lack of dramatics and heavy corporate influence, either we’re getting too old for this sh!t or the X Games need a major makeover. The one highlight came from the stands, when a betty decided to flash her fellow X Games spectators. One particular boy was very pleased by the spectacle.

T.E.S. Revisited: Ben Harper

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Ben Harper joined Cyrus, Steve & Omar right after his first time snowboarding on April 20th 2006, plus talked about introducing Jack Johnson to the world, and his skating and surfing roots.

17:03 minutes (15.61 MB)