ASR 2010 Recap


Having been involved in the action sports industry for the better part of a decade, I have somehow managed to not once attend the industry’s largest trade show, ASR (Action Sports Retailer). With an exciting new business venture about to get underway, the time was now to attend what was once an action sports retailer expo and is now an action sports extravaganza of epic proportions.

X Games Flasher Steals the Show. Wait, the X Games Were On?

X Games Flasher.jpg

Seriously, does anyone watch the X Games anymore? The event’s been in HelLA ten years too long, yet the idiots who run this campaign think that holding the event in SoCal year after year is the way to go. Never mind that the X Games generated massive publicity when they changed cities every two years. To top things off the organizers fail to take advantage of a key SoCal advantage: Surf. They haven’t had a surf contest for a few years now. Combined with a lack of dramatics and heavy corporate influence, either we’re getting too old for this sh!t or the X Games need a major makeover. The one highlight came from the stands, when a betty decided to flash her fellow X Games spectators. One particular boy was very pleased by the spectacle.

Riding for Ellen Degeneres!!

Terry Adams Ellen.png

Today I appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show.  Here are a couple photos to check out from the short but very memorable moment of my career.

My trip to the nasty!

Terry Adams Nasty.jpg

Sorry for the late update but I have been on a really crazy schedule traveling all over the midwest doing a ton of College tours for Red Bull. It has been a month jammed packed with with nothing but traveling but I have been loving every second of it. Since it would take forever to talk about every trip I am going to talk about my favorite one so far.

Update: The Phuggest Two Weeks in Action Sports

X Games US Open Suck.jpg

The madness is over! Yey! Seriously, has there ever been a more boring version of the Disney X Games? It’s just a stale, stagnant version of its old self. Two things are direly needed: A change in venue (and by “venue” we mean a whole new location, enough of L.A. already), and less events. Amazingly enough, a massive south swell coupled with the arrival of the world’s best surfers resulted in the U.S. Open of Surfing coming through. Highly doubt that’ll happen again. Congrats to Brett Simpson for winning at his home break of Huntington. Listed below are the complete results from the latest clusterf*ck edition of the Disney X Games, plus video highlights of Kelly Slater’s Perfect 10 at the U.S. Open of Surfing.

T.E.S. Revisited: Chad Kagy


While not quite at Matt Hoffman's level, BMX superstar Chad Kagy holds his own.  The Gilroy, Ca native joined The Extreme Scene on June 5th, 2007 to talk about his success at both the X-Games and the Dew Action Sports Tour.

14:56 minutes (2.57 MB)

Mantangled Monday: Tuesday BMX Faceplant Edition


This last Monday sucked such a big fat cock that there simply wasn't enough energy to post the Mantangled.  The wait was worth it though, as this poor schmuck learns the hard way what happens when you fall short off a jump.

Mantangled video goodness after the jump.

Ten Most Extreme Outdoor Destinations


Good friend and former radio colleague Damon Bruce recently had a book published titled The Great Book of San Francisco Bay Area Sports Lists, which is a great read if you're a fan of sports, Northern California, and especially both.  Within the book are sections with contributions from guest writers, and they all provide great lists to read, ponder and question.

Disney Summer X Games Announces Invited Athlete List

Disney X Games.jpg

The folks over at Disney have just released their invited athlete list for the Summer X Games.  Of note is a new skateboard big air rail jam event, the ladies are now invited in motox, and uber-nerd Travis Pastrana might return to compete in motox.  Does anyone over 18 who isn't in the industry care about this shit anymore?

Complete list of Disney's Summer X Games' invited athletes after the jump.

May 9th Segment 2 - Andrew Horan

Surfer Mag Cover Carissa Moore.jpg

Andrew Horan, President of, joined Cyrus & Omar to talk about Source Interlink (the parent company of Surfing, Surfer, Skateboarder, Snowboarder and many more) filing for bankruptcy, who was effected by the filing, and why print is failing.

15:38 minutes (14.31 MB)