Midseason Global Big Wave Highlights

Mark Healey Mavericks.jpg

As much as we here in Northern California adore our beloved Maverick's, there are quite a few big wave locations around the world. Those who charge these waves the hardest and have them documented are nominated for an annual awards show called the Billabong XXL Awards. Here are some midseason highlights for your viewing pleasure.

Mike Brennan's insane air drop and recovery at Shipstern Bluff in Tasmania has to be the early season favorite for Ride of the Year, with Ben Wilkinson's spill at Maverick's a definite candidate for the Wipeout Award. The season remains young though, and we have yet to fully see what the beast that is Maverick's has to offer.

The Billabong XXL Awards are held annually in Southern California, with awards and prize money handed out in April.