Massive Waves Hammer Cruise Ship

Ship Antarctica.jpg

A cruise ship called the Clelia II, embarked on a trip from Argentina to Antarctica for sight-seeing purposes, encountered waves measuring over 30 feet in the dangerous waters of the Drake Passage between South America and Antarctica, with one of the rogue waves washing over the deck and smashing windows on the bridge. The cruise ship, carrying 100 Americans and various other nationalities, had one of its engines crippled during the voyage back from Antarctica. Fortunately for the ship and its passengers, a National Geographic ship called the Explorer saw the Clelia II in trouble and provided the ship with a satellite phone while monitoring the situation. The video footage below was taken from the National Geographic crew and features some of the very rough seas the Clelia II has been encountering, including large waves crashing directly into the ship.

Drakes Passage, where the ship encountered the crippling rogue waves, is considered one of the most dangerous bodies of water in the world. The Chilean Navy was dispatched to help assist the Clelia II back to port in Argentina. The captain of the ship said in nearly 160 trips to Antarctica, he had never encountered such weather. Fortunately no one has been injured during the ordeal.