Decision to Issue Permit for a Surf Contest at Maverick's Delayed Until August


At a Board of Commissioners Meeting hosted last evening by the San Mateo County Harbor District, a decision was made to postpone issuing a Limited Commercial Activity Permit, required to run a surf contest at Maverick's, until August 1st, at which point the Harbor District's Board of Commissioners will review dual applications submitted by The Godfather of Maverick's Jeff Clark and the Mavericks Community, LLC, which is led by Clark's ex-wife Katherine Kelly Clark. The Harbor District's Board of Commissioners voted unanimously last night to deny a Limited Commercial Activity Permit to Mavericks Community, LLC.

"When questions were asked, the San Mateo Harbor Commissioners did the right thing, they postponed granting a permit until all applicants can be heard," said Clark. "Look to attend the meeting in the first week of August."

The meeting revealed many things, among them that Kelly Clark's Mavericks Community, LLC group mistakenly applied for an LLC under a different name, Mavericks Family LLC, and the group was registered in the state of Delaware. That mistake alone raised questions of whether Mavericks Community, LLC could handle running a large-scale operation needed to successfully run a safe and effective surf contest at Maverick's.

"There is clearly a lack of experience in business management and large-scale event planning," said Clark. "I would like to propose another choice."

Clark told the San Mateo County Harbor District's Board of Commissioners that he wanted to reclaim the contest he founded, with possibly a new format where the contest would run multiple days. Staff would consist only of a videographer and safety patrols. The format would spread out the massive crowds that usually congregate near Pillar Point's beaches during contests, easing environmental concerns.

A representative for Barracuda Networks, Neal Turley, was also in attendance at the meeting. Barracuda Networks has been involved as a sponsor for a surf contest at Maverick's for numerous years, and was going to be the official sponsor last year before poor conditions prevented a contest from being run. Shortly after the contest window closed, Barracuda Networks decided to no longer have an affiliation with the contest and the Half Moon Bay Surf Group, the former name of the Mavericks Community, LLC. With the possibility of Jeff Clark being back in control, Barracuda Networks has renewed interest in being involved with a surf contest at Maverick's.

"At this time we have not entered any agreements to sponsor any contest at Maverick's, though we are interested in exploring some of the ideas that Jeff Clark has brought forth," wrote Kylie Heintz, a spokeswoman for Barracuda Networks. "Neal Turley, whom we hired in January as an events specialist in charge of leading the efforts to coordinate and execute The Jay at Maverick's Big Wave Invitational, attended last night's meeting so that we remain fully aware of who is involved in this year's process and what the discussions entail in the event that we do decide to participate in some capacity."

Both Jeff Clark and the Mavericks Community, LLC now have until August 1st to prepare comprehensive proposals for a surf contest at Maverick's to the San Mateo County Harbor District's Board of Commissioners. A decision could be made at that time as to who will run the next surf contest at Maverick's.