Introducing the "Ask The Elders" Contest


There's an adage that says, "Getting older means getting wiser." The hosts of The Extreme Scene aren't exactly spring chickens these days. The hosts, who were in their 20's when the show started, are now well into their 30's. A bunch of old creepy men running the T.E.S. empire. There is a bright side though, especially for you young 'uns out there. Thanks to The Extreme Scene, you have someone that can provide you with valuable advice on anything and everything that has to do with life. Relationship problems? We have the solutions. Kids at school peer pressuring you into one too many beer bongs? Leave it to us. And this is where we introduce the "Ask The Elders" contest.

Ask us a question. Any question. If we answer your question on the show, you'll win a free $50 gift certificate to San Francisco Surf Company, an eco-friendly surf shop/bookstore/art gallery located on the corner of Union and Fillmore Streets in San Francisco. It's that simple. To enter, send an email to with your question. Write 'Ask The Elders' in the subject header of the email, and fire away with your question. We'll try to answer all your questions regardless. If your question is read on the show, you win a $50 gift certificate to San Francisco Surf Company. We'll try to read a new question each week. And if you're a hot chica, we'll let you sit on this old man's lap as you ask your question. Just the kind of gentlemen we are. Send an email to with your question to enter the "Ask The Elders" contest for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to San Francisco Surf Company!