A Lot of Skateboarders in the News for A Lot of Wrong Reasons

Tony Hawk Ex.jpg

A lot of current or former professional skateboarders were in the news this week, and not for the right reasons.  Reports all had to do with either major problems or personal issues.  To recount the happenings:

- Tony Hawk filed for divorce for a third time.  Apparently Hawk looks up to Larry King.

- We reported last week how Ryan Sheckler stupidly posted a picture of himself on Twatter without realizing there was a Volcano (a vaporizer device for smoking the ganja) in the background.  Now his younger brother Shane, who was a regular on Ryan's MTV reality show, got busted for a DUI.

- Mark “Gator” Rogowski, a skateboarding legend over two decades ago who was sent to jail for raping and murdering his ex-girlfriend's friend, was denied parole.

Tough days for a few current and former pro skateboarders.