A Lot of Skateboarders in the News for A Lot of Wrong Reasons

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A lot of current or former professional skateboarders were in the news this week, and not for the right reasons.  Reports all had to do with either major problems or personal issues.  To recount the happenings:

Ryan Sheckler Smokes the Ganja

Sheckler Volcano.jpg

Ryan Sheckler, known both for being one of the greatest skateboarders ever and also for being somewhat cheesedick after his MTV reality series Life of Ryan (or whatever it was called), is catching some heat after posting a picture of himself on Twatter showing off some new Red Bull hat.  Problem with the picture was that in the background there was a Volcano (for you non-stoners out there, a Volcano is a type of vaporizer used for inhaling marijuana in a somewhat healthy fashion).  Sheckler tried to take the picture down, but not before other websites saved a copy.  Sheckler's lawyers are now attempting to try and remove the picture from all websites.  Let me know how that goes.  Welcome to the internet Ryan!

Jeremy Flores Denies Little Kid’s Autograph Request

Jeremy Flores Autograph.jpg

With hilarious narration, video footage shows a little grom armed with a calendar or poster of some kind running on the beach. The kid approaches Jeremy Flores, who is leaving the water after finishing a competition heat. Despite the little kid’s begging and pleading, Flores shakes the kid off. The kid is left to his knees, with tears being his only consolation.

Would You Drive This Car?

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General Motors is hitting overdrive on their marketing campaign for the soon-to-be-released Chevy Spark, GM's answer to the Mini Cooper. The new Chevy Spark Woody, which is wrapped in wood-colored vinyl, is part of GM's attempt to connect with the youth culture. The specially-designed model of the Chevy Spark was introduced on the southern coast of Great Britain at the annual Boardmasters surf, skate and music festival in Newquay, England, with a surfboard attached to the car's roof.

The Endless Bummer

The Endless Bummer.jpg

Note: This story is a special contribution from Nugable.  Go to his website for hilarious, insightful and honest surfing revelations.

Millions of gallons of oil have leaked from British Petroleum’s Deepwater Horizon rig off the coast of Louisiana after the explosion three weeks ago. The United States Coast Guard estimates more than 210,000 gallons (although 5,000 barrels sounds much more manageable doesn’t it?) spew into the Gulf waters each day and there is no end in sight. Other unofficial estimates are at nearly one million gallons a day. This will undoubtedly become the biggest oil disaster in the history of the U.S. and possibly the world.

Bron Heussenstamm Tries for a Comeback

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Our boy Bron Heussenstamm brings it creepy-style from ASR with his second video installment for Sanuk (hey Sanuk, it's been six months - where the f*ck are my kicks?).  Bron has no sponsor, is 30 and out of shape.  Can he make a comeback?

See the hilarious video after the jump.

KNBR Still Lists The Extreme Scene on their Contact Page

Extreme Scene KNBR Contact Page.jpg

Nearly nine months after KNBR unexpectedly, and stupidly, dropped The Extreme Scene from their programming lineup, their crack staff continues to remind everyone that incompetence runs rampant they're on top of things.  On their ‘Contact Us’ page (which is directly linked to the main page), lo and behold The Extreme Scene is listed as a contact.  Nice to see the management at Cumulus continue to prove that they have absolutely no idea what they’re doing.  Radio management in the 21st Century: It’s Fantastic!

Screen capture of KNBR gaffe after the jump.

Latarian Milton: The Definition of an Extreme Dumbass

Latarius Milton.jpg

This video is old, but I don't think I've laughed harder in years.  7 year-old Latarian Milton decided to go for the joy ride of his life.  It isn't the carnage caused that makes watching this video so hilarious; it's the kid's complete lack of remorse.  A classic.  It may not have anything to do with action sports, but it captures the essence.

Videos of Latarian Milton's legendary journey after the jump.

Guess the Snowboarders - Update

Danny Kass Pipe.jpg

Two American snowboarders who were arrested in New Zealand last week for possession of cannabis (widely believed to be Danny Kass and Louie Vito) were granted "diversion".  The two snowboarders had claimed to be tourists, and if the "diversion" is satisfactorily completed they will avoid having convictions to their name.

Leanne Pelosi's Quiz Show Scandal

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A short while back we posted a story about how we wanted sponsor-whore Leanne Pelosi to come on our radio program to shoot the shiznit.  And at first, she was responding to our requests, trying to find a good Saturday where she had enough free time to talk for a little while.  Then suddenly, she vanished.  No more correspondence.  At first we felt a little miffed, wondering what we had done wrong.  Turns out it wasn't us; it was her.