When did Reef McIntosh Turn Into a Chick?

Did Reef McIntosh have some sort of surgery recently?  Right click on the image and select 'View Image' to get a closer look.  Dude looks like a lady.

Introducing the "Ask The Elders" Contest


There's an adage that says, "Getting older means getting wiser." The hosts of The Extreme Scene aren't exactly spring chickens these days. The hosts, who were in their 20's when the show started, are now well into their 30's. A bunch of old creepy men running the T.E.S. empire. There is a bright side though, especially for you young 'uns out there. Thanks to The Extreme Scene, you have someone that can provide you with valuable advice on anything and everything that has to do with life. Relationship problems? We have the solutions. Kids at school peer pressuring you into one too many beer bongs? Leave it to us. And this is where we introduce the "Ask The Elders" contest.

Jeremy Flores Denies Little Kid’s Autograph Request

Jeremy Flores Autograph.jpg

With hilarious narration, video footage shows a little grom armed with a calendar or poster of some kind running on the beach. The kid approaches Jeremy Flores, who is leaving the water after finishing a competition heat. Despite the little kid’s begging and pleading, Flores shakes the kid off. The kid is left to his knees, with tears being his only consolation.

Mavericks Surf Ventures vs. Peter Mel/Grant Washburn/New Mavericks Group: Who You Got?

Mavericks Battle Royale.jpg

I’ve been wanting to publish this story for some time now but didn’t want to get my sources in trouble, since everyone would know who my sources were the moment I wrote the story. Now that the Half Moon Bay Review is publishing a report on a new group who is interested in running a surf contest at famed Mavericks, it’s time to let the flood gates open and allow the public to decide for themselves who should be the winner in this Battle Royale.

X Games Flasher Steals the Show. Wait, the X Games Were On?

X Games Flasher.jpg

Seriously, does anyone watch the X Games anymore? The event’s been in HelLA ten years too long, yet the idiots who run this campaign think that holding the event in SoCal year after year is the way to go. Never mind that the X Games generated massive publicity when they changed cities every two years. To top things off the organizers fail to take advantage of a key SoCal advantage: Surf. They haven’t had a surf contest for a few years now. Combined with a lack of dramatics and heavy corporate influence, either we’re getting too old for this sh!t or the X Games need a major makeover. The one highlight came from the stands, when a betty decided to flash her fellow X Games spectators. One particular boy was very pleased by the spectacle.

ASP Women’s World Tour Continues to Damage their Credibility

Maya Gabeira.jpg

The Moviestar Peru Classic, the fifth stop of the ASP Women’s World Tour, was postponed for a day when Head Judge Dave Shipley decided last week not that the waves were too small, but rather that the waves were too big. Shipley’s decision further eroded the professional credibility of the ASP Women’s World Tour.

Sunset Beach Community Tries to Deny Annexation by Huntington Beach

Sunset Beach Surfers.jpg

The Sunset Beach community, realizing how pathetic it is that Huntington Beach still calls itself Surf City even though it only sees a few good days of surf each year, has decided to make an attempt at denying being annexed by Huntington Beach, preferring to become its own city.

Epic Fail

Emo Hobo.jpg

Is the ‘Emo Hobo’ look the latest fad with longboarders?  Photo taken this morning at Pacifica.


Outside Magazine Names Tofino, BC as The Best Surf Town in North America

Outside Magazine Tofino.jpg

Outside Magazine is a mixed bag of outdoorsiness and yuppiness, all packaged in a publication aimed for middle-aged men trying to hold on to whatever remnants of youth they still encompass. I don’t want to completely bag on them – their writers do produce quality content from time to time, and fans of Jon Krakauer will forever owe their gratitude for exposing the talent behind the writer. Unfortunately, they miss the mark nine times out of ten, and that one time when they do come up with something worthwhile, it never involves surfing. Case in point: Their selection of Tofino, British Columbia as “The best surf town in North America.”

Bobby Martinez Blasts Kelly Slater, Channel Islands, Reef and the ASP

Bobby Martinez.jpg

Bobby Martinez is no stranger to controversy.  In the last two years, Martinez first left his surfboard sponsor Channel Islands because of what he called “equipment needs” (more on that below), then left his clothing sponsor, Reef, citing a lack of support and poor treatment.  While Martinez called his split with Channel Islands amicable, he made no secret that he was extremely unhappy with the way Reef treated him, to the point where Martinez left his contract with two years remaining.  Martinez now has a new clothing sponsor, recently signing with O’Neill, and says he’s very happy with his new surfboard sponsor, DHD.  There remains plenty that Martinez is unhappy about, and he revealed these things in a very candid fashion with ESPN’s sh*tty surfing website.